Vasquez-Banaga Pre-nuptial Shoot

This was my first ever pre-nup photoshoot gig. To be honest, I was not sure how I was supposed to do everything. I did not know the photographer, his/her lighting style, did not know the location, I have not seen the clothes, I did not know how fast/slow I was supposed to move or just how much time I have in general to do each look and how many looks I am supposed to do. It was just really a lot of things for me. The bride and groom being my friends did not help either. If anything, I felt more pressure. I did not want to disappoint them in any way. I guess the key to situations like this (whether be it a photoshoot or a shoot for film or TV) is communication. If in doubt, let's ask. It doesn't make us less of a professional to make things clear. 

I was also nursing a knee injury this day. This made moving through the various locations all the more challenging. There was a moment where I had to sit down and rest my knees and cold compress them. So a friendly reminder: do not get injured or get injured further on the job because it could make a simple task the most difficult. At the end of the day, we need to be in top shape to do our job. It was just unfortunate that one of my film projects outside the Philippines a few months back apparently hurt my knees without me knowing it (I found out a week after I got back home when I started to feel the discomfort). But as much as I can, I stay safe and watch over myself during production work.

Also, it pays to use reliable makeup. I am not a believer of sticking to one makeup brand. For me, familiarity with and knowledge in using your makeup are most important. For exterior shoots like this that entails a lot of retouching, blotting, matting down, etc. I always make sure I have in my kit my moisturiser, sunblock, primer, anti-shine, moist spray, sealers, blotting papers, and powders. I also use waterproof brow and eye makeup just in case my clients get a little too sweaty.